Each 20-hour class is a “level” (Level 1, Level 2, etc.) and most students choose to continue on to the next level at the end. If you are an absolute beginner and/or wish to start at the very beginning, you should choose a Level 1 class. Level 2 is for students who are at least a tiny bit familiar with how the language works and have taken at least one class at some point before, even if it was a long time ago.

A Level 2 student can usually struggle through saying something like: "Hello, my name is ___, I live in Brooklyn. I have a cat. My brother is a teacher…"; but would not be able to say more complex things like "I wanted to meet up tonight, but I forgot that you aren't available."

80% of our students place themselves correctly, so don’t stress about your level. Use these descriptions to determine which level best matches where you’re at in your study of the language and save your spot in a class by enrolling ASAP. Many of our classes fill up weeks in advance - don't get stuck on a waitlist by waiting too long to enroll! Students that find the class they signed up for is too advanced or not advanced enough after the first week or two should talk to their teacher about switching levels. With the teacher's approval, we will transfer you to the correct level of class in the same language you signed up for at no additional cost. Still hesitant about what level you need? Just give us a call and we can help you select the right class!

If you want to go ahead and purchase the book(s) required for the course you sign up for so that you have it in time for the first class, but end up changing to a different level class that uses a different book, we are happy to buy the unused new book back from you for no more than the price listed on our website (fluentcity.com/books) for that specific book.

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